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These articles can be viewed in PDF format, by clicking on the icons below:

Eyal Gal 10 GHz Module
Eyal Gal 10 GHz Transceiver PDF
Eyal Gal 24 GHz Module
Eyal Gal 24 GHz Module PDF
Eyal Gal Module - Update
Eyal Gal Module Update PDF
Acatel 9400UX
  Acatel 9400UX PDF  
Ceragon 5.7 GHz Module
Ceragon 5.7 GHz Module PDF
Alcatel Detector Multiplier
Alcatel Detector-Multiplier PDF
Improving the Alcatel Synthesiser
3400 MHz Getting Started
3400 MHz Getting Started PDF
Elcom CDFSL Synthesisers
Elcom CDFSL Synthesisers PDF
28 - 47GHz Amplifier
28 - 47 GHz Amplifier PDF
134 GHz Transverter
134 GHz Transverter PDF
Simple 47GHz Transverter
47 GHz Transverter PDF


Philipp DL2AM Millimeter - http://www.dl2am.de

Eric F1GHB Millimeter - http://millimeterwave.free.fr/index_g.htm

Wireless Links - http://www.radioshop.co.uk/links.htm

Dave WW2R/G4FRE EME Microwave - http://www.g4fre.com/radio.htm

Sam G4DDK Microwave - http://www.g4ddk.com

G8ACE webpage - New 76GHz UK Record - http://www.microwaves.dsl.pipex.com/